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Yelp Review: Christine M

I love this place. And I generally loathe getting my hair done, so that’s really saying something. Honestly, even though we pretend that getting your hair done is crazy luxurious pampering, it’s usually not. It’s more like being ashamed of your roots (hair pun!! 5 points) while trying not to laugh and/or cry looking at yourself in mirror, covered in tin foil and sweating under a piece of black plastic that could double as a pool cover. And then you spend 20 minutes getting a blow dry that causes your hair to expand like the universe in a static nimbus around your head, cough up a few hundred dollars for the experience and come back in 6 weeks, all to ensure that your boyfriend doesn’t find out what “natural blonde” really is: a myth perpetuated by women everywhere. Also, our eyebrows don’t grow in the middle. We’re just genetically perfect beings, accept it and move on.

To the point–if high-end salons are the disease, Allure (and Amani, my favorite stylist) is the cure. This place is fun, funky and laid-back. They serve wine and play fun music and treat you like a human being…enough said. And Amani runs great specials on keratin treatments (in fact, I found her via Groupon), without which my hair could only be described as Jewish (the rest of me can still be described that way). Amani is a great listener, and willing to work with you to create the perfect head of highlights. The way she layers in different shades takes 10 years off of my face, for serious. I mostly get trims from her, but she always adds a level of interest to the cuts, and in the months I’ve been seeing her I’ve never left with a feeling other than awe at her expertise. She strikes me as a lifelong learner in her field, and she has some mad business savvy, so I know Allure will continue to flourish as a salon. But even if she beat me with a stick I would keep going back for the pretty results 🙂 It’s probably my favorite place ever to get my hair done.

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