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Yelp Review: Ante C

I love AMANI!!!

Last year I was travelling alot and needed my hair done. I am extremly picky when it comes to getting my hair done, as I had the same stylist and colorist for years at DPT in San Francsico. When it came down to the wire, a close friend suggested a go to a salon downtown.

As luck would have it, I got Amani! I told her what I wanted and gave her the freedom to do a little creativity as well. I walked away feeling AMAZEBALLS! Since then, she has switched salons and is now at Allure. Love the space they are in and LOVE Amani!! Can I say that anymore? If you are looking for someone who understands we are all sensitive about our hair, someone who is up to date with current trends and knows her product – I recommend her. You will love sitting in her chair, chatting about her most recent weddings (yes, she had two) and look at the beautiful pictures she has! She’s got it people!

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